The Restless Gemini

Έν οίδα ότι ουδέν οίδα --- Hen oida hoti ouden oida

November 05, 2005


I know its been sometime, since I last posted. But I think I have valid reasons not to do so. One, I was engrossed in the festivities at home during the Deepavali season. Two I have come back to my workplace at Delhi after a three-month stay at home in Chennai(of course...not on a holiday). Three, Iam busy packing for my journey to Indore where my professional and personal life is getting transferred, w.e.f. 20th Nov 2005.

The three month stay at home was really enjoyable although a bit hectic, considering the time spent in travel from Home to Office. It was the longest period I stayed at home, ever since I first went to Delhi in 1999 for my MBA. I got to meet some old friends on 3rd Nov on the occasion of Wedding Reception of buddy and fellow Gemini Berlin. It was indeed amazing to see my old friends as middle-aged men with some of them showing signs of graying and some sporting a paunch(not to mention my own looks...but its me who is others will tell about me). Incidentally, I sported a Greek-God look for the wedding reception(???!!!), which met both admiring and jealous eyes(ha ha ha). Those who were present on the occasion would know. I googled for Greek Gods and found this site. It might be interesting to some. This dotcom lists all Gods including Aztec, African and Mayan Gods among others. On the lighter side, its now upto you to associate me with your favourite Greek God(both bouquets and brickbats welcome).

I browsed yet another site, which I stumbled upon through Thiru's blog...check it out. It might soon change the future of navigation on the web.

Will try and keep updating my blog as often as I can...till then...


Blogger Thiru said...

Well, you are blog is really goin on track. Read more. Write some unusual stuff (other than your own story - becoz, everyone writes theirs). A good mix of personal stories, yr opinion abt current happenings (Google News), Cinema, Infotaiment will be a good thing. Become a member of Technorati, Bloglines etc.

November 06, 2005 8:30 pm  

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