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Έν οίδα ότι ουδέν οίδα --- Hen oida hoti ouden oida

October 23, 2005

Of Turkey Biriyani and Sunday Working

Yummy...slurp...slurp...slurp! No prizes for guessing what I had for lunch. I have so fallen for the taste of the 'sexiest' bird in this entire Universe, that if I have a country in my name, then Turkey would undoubtedly be its national bird. It is however said that Turkeys, which are also Game birds is one of the most stupid I have a great inference to make...’A turkey is a blonde’ don't be surprised if you see Turkey jokes floating on the Internet in the near future!

And now to you Citizens of my would-be informed that I had to work on a Sunday to get a meal of Turkey Biriyani. Even though personally I don't like working on a becomes an unwritten rule, when work spills over from a Saturday. This may well be considered an occupational hazard of working with a manufacturing company, where all Saturdays are working days. I sometimes envy my friends who work in IT/Software Companies, since their weekend starts on a Friday evening.

All said and done, one has to accept that working on Sundays has its own charms (!!!???). One, you can leisurely walk into the Office at 11 am in your floaters after a late brunch. Two, since the Canteen is off, you are authorised to lunch outside the Office and it is expected that you don't pay out of your own pocket (!). It is this second charm of working on a Sunday, that led me and my colleague from our manufacturing facility at Ajax, Thiruvotriyur to Hotel Pandian in Royapuram aboard a 'Share Auto' in search of that elusive 'Turkey Biriyani' which is available at Pandians' only on Sundays. Although the distance to be travelled intimidated us, our hearts melted for the birds which had been 'Halal'-ed for us, and we decided to go ahead.

An elderly lady and a middle-aged lady with a baby girl joined us mid way. The elderly lady was in a chatty mood and even made me forget about the Turkey Biriyani which was waiting for us. She gave her daughter-in-law (or may be her daughter – mother-in-laws don’t teach their secrets to daughter in laws), the recipe for ‘Paruppu Kadaisal’ which is be prepared using Gram, Tomatoes, Asafoetida, Onions and Green Chillies. I have got the recipe, if anybody needs it, Iam willing to share this Haute Cuisine for a few thousand USDs. After taking an impromptu decision to make Murukku, Adhirasam and Rava Laddu for Deepavali, the elderly lady reminded the other lady to get the Murukku Achu for making Murukku from her Sister-in-Law without fail. In between all these, the elderly lady woke up the little girl and said- ‘Paapa! See the Beach, See the Ships’. Paapa was in no mood for beach and ship and she dozed off again.

It was my ill-luck which made me miss a winning formula for a natural moisturizer concoction from the lady, consisting of Sothu Kathazhai (Aloe vera) and Seemai Ponnanganni (Alternanthera sessilis), which could have given the likes of HLL, P&G and Cavinkare a run for their money. Perhaps if the Auto ride had continued for some more time, history would have been different. Now I have to be content with having Turkey Biriyani on an odd working Sunday, and blogging about the same.


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