The Restless Gemini

Έν οίδα ότι ουδέν οίδα --- Hen oida hoti ouden oida

December 13, 2005

The Insignificant Man

Whenever I see programmes in Channels like NatGeo or Discovery related to natural calamities, there is a pretty common sentence which is said "It just goes to prove that nobody is bigger than nature". The purport of this statement did not strike me, until I saw these images.

Compare the size of the earth with other planets

Now compare it with Uranus & Neptune

Earth is the first planet on the first row of the picture.

Now Earth against Sun

Earth is the fifth planet on the first row of the picture.

Against Sun, Earth is like a dot. Think !! Where do you find yourself now?? Now imagine the creator of this universe???

I realised man is an insignificant entity in the whole scheme of nature. Yet we do so many things that does not befit our insignificant stature...just give it a thought.


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