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Έν οίδα ότι ουδέν οίδα --- Hen oida hoti ouden oida

December 13, 2005

Eve's Christmas

Choices...a right choice at the wrong moment or a wrong choice at the right moment, both of them are'nt any good. But having made a choice there is no going back in real life and I think we have to learn to accept the consequence of the choice we made. But just think if you have a chance to make the same choice again in your life and at the same point of time in which you made the choice earlier, how and what it would be?

This is the theme of the movie 'Eve's Christmas' which I watched on Monday. It's about a middle aged executive named Eve Simon, who has everything in life - job, status, money but she has nobody to share her feelings with. Coupled with this she has been having an affair with her exploitative Boss. Eve feels miserable in life and she attributes this to a choice she made few years ago. She had her Christmas-day wedding cancelled, since her ambition made her take up a job in New Jersey as against being a home maker in a small town. She happens to meet a guardian angel who takes her back in time...exactly a week before the day of her marriage. Now that she knows what is in store for her in future, what choices she makes forms the rest of the story. Do try to see it, if you get a chance.

There is an interesting dialogue between Eve and her mother, which I liked a lot. I may not be quoting verbatim but it goes something like this - "Honey! Before my marriage I was running a store. I had to give it up after my marriage. I don't have the store now...but I have your father, you and your brother. I have something now, which probably I wouldn't be having if I had made a different choice. Not for a moment I have regretted the choices I have made in life".


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